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Katy Freeway Sweet Tomatoes is the first to introduce the variety of proteins for guests to enjoy as an add-on item to their salads in the Houston, TX restaurants. Ultimately it will be available in all four Houston restaurants.

The proteins being introduced are Texas Flat Iron Steak, Citrus Garlic Shrimp, Basil Pesto Chicken, Lemon Pepper Chicken, Thai Ginger Chicken, and BBQ Chicken. These cooled additions make a delicious pairing to your wholesome meal.

Flat Iron Steak, Citrus Garlic Shrimp, and a variety of chicken dishes being introduced in the Houston market.

Mike Schwanemann, Culinary Manager, says that the Texas Flat Iron Steak is flavorful, the result of being marinated for a day prior to being seared and then baked to medium doneness. The steak slices will be ready to top on your customized salad.

“We’re very excited to offer proteins that will make great additions and toppers to our salads,” says Garden Fresh CEO John Morberg. “Coupled with our refreshed stores [click to continue…]

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Driving. It’s what we do to get from point A to point B. Driving for work can be as short as one mile or over 100 miles a day. Have you calculated how far you have driven?

One astonishing milestone is set by one of our many hardworking Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. distribution drivers, who deliver our fresh foods to Sweet Tomatoes and Souplantation restaurants.

Surpassing a driving high point, Distribution Driver Carlos Rodriguez zooms past 1.5 million miles driven without an accident.

Carlos Rodriguez is a 15-year team member who serves the areas of Tucson, Phoenix, and San Diego, surpassed 1.5 million accident free miles!

“Carlos is just an amazing guy,” says Archie Clark, Distribution Executive Director. “He is absolutely a marvel and [click to continue…]

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Vegetables come from different regions in order to provide the freshest optimal produce for Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes restaurants. One example of a multi-generation farm that we source delicious vegetables from is Muranaka Farm, Inc. in Moorpark, CA.

Charles Muranaka, 38, the third generation of the Muranaka family, is continuing the family legacy as the Executive Vice President. Charles explains the history of how his grandparents got started, the farms, and looking into the future in this two-part series.

Charles Muranaka, Executive Vice President of Muranaka Farm, Inc. Photo Courtesy of Charles Muranaka

Charles in Radish field in Moorpark. Photo Courtesy of Charles Muranaka

Muranaka Farm, Inc. was founded in 1947 by Minoru Muranaka and his wife, Matsue. [click to continue…]

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Now through May 18th, build your own nachos at the Nacho Bar! How will you build your nachos to make it ultimately delicious? Wholesome and spicy?

If you love chili, take our Deep Kettle House Chili soup, smother it on top of the tortilla chips and drizzle nacho cheese sauce for the classic chili cheese nachos. If you love a little more flavor, the offered toppings are salsa de Lupe, sour cream, scallions, yellow onion, cilantro, cheddar cheese, and jalapeños will give your nachos a hot kick!

Speaking of hot kick, New Mexico’s Albuquerque Sweet Tomatoes locations are in for a real treat! Hatch chilies will be served as part of the condiments at the nacho bar as well as “Joel’s Hatch Green Chile Sauce!” Who is Joel you might ask? Joel Espinoza is Albuquerque’s Sweet Tomatoes General Manager, who shared his family’s more than 100 year-old recipe with the company’s menu team.

"Joel's Hatch Green Chile Sauce" served in Albuquerque, New Mexico's Sweet Tomatoes. Photo courtesy of Tianna Gonzalez, Crew Lead

Joel’s great-grandmother created the original recipe before passing it down [click to continue…]

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It’s an Annual Tradition for John & Kathy Morberg on Mother’s Day

by GFBlog May 12, 2016 Events

One of our restaurant’s values is “Hospitality is fun!”  One of the latest example of making hospitality fun was on Mother’s Day when the company’s CEO, John Morberg, and his wife, Kathy, joining the crew at the Lakewood, CA, Souplantation.  John and Kathy spent the day working side by side with the crew, engaging guests [...]

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“Flavor Fiesta” with Protein, Vegetables, and Crunch!

by GFBlog May 5, 2016 Recipes

One fun tasty element that we have for May’s “Flavor Fiesta” menu is the Chicken Fajita Tostada Bar! As you walk in and start your dinner journey, a restaurant server will greet and serve you a delicious crunchy tostada loaded with tender chicken breast that is sautéed in a blend of fajita seasonings, onion, and [...]

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May your Month be Full of Flavors like Cilantro, Lime, and Tortillas!

by GFBlog April 28, 2016 Recipes

Join us in May as we celebrate Mexican inspired dishes throughout the month! Enjoy the tossed and prepared salads such as the Baja Bean & Cilantro, Pepper Verde Potato Salad, and Chipotle, Lime & Cilantro Quinoa. Zesty Turkey Taco Salad and Build-Your-Own Tostada (dinner only) will be offered at participating locations. Our Posole Soup is [...]

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Garden Fresh Team Meets the Beets, Interest in Citrus, and Rock the Broc!

by GFBlog April 28, 2016 Events

At Garden Fresh restaurants, Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes, we help our guests “Discover Fresh” by having fresh produce and salads, made-from-scratch soups, hot pastas, freshly baked breads and muffins, desserts, and more. We work closely with growers to ensure guests are only getting the freshest, high-quality vegetables available. Last week, restaurant general managers and support [...]

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Make Your Mother’s Day a Sweet One with Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes!

by GFBlog April 26, 2016 Recipes

Happy Mother’s Day to you, your mom, sister, daughter, or whomever that title goes to! Breakfast in bed is one way to show appreciation on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 8th. Another way to show appreciation is dining out with the family. Treat them to an all-you-care-to-eat dining experience featuring the freshest vegetables, salads, made-from-scratch soups [...]

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Mushrooms from the Farm to the Restaurant – “Mushroom Gary” Part Two

by GFBlog April 10, 2016 Farmers & Fresh Produce

Gary Crouch, co-owner of Mountain Meadow Mushrooms in Escondido, CA gave a tour of the farm to show the beginning of making soil, mushroom growth, harvesting, and off to the cooling zone to be packed for fresh delivery to the Souplantation restaurants. Gary and his dad bought the farm in 1982. At the time, they [...]

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